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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

E3, Huge bummer?

I never went to any E3 expo, but i knew how it was, and after seeing this year's E3, I must say it was one of the worst. IGN claims "E3 2008 could be the last E3"
Hmm. I must say, we are stuck in the middle of the console war, but not too many huge hits were made this E3. Fallout 3, GOW:2, ETC. Nintendo was obviously the weekest. Wii music looks like you'll be playin' and lookin like a douche. Imagine sticking a wii mote to your mouth. wii Motion Plus, meh. Fallout 3 looks badass. But my point is, is that This e3 was not as hyped, empty lines, booths. JUst, not the "real" E3.