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Monday, June 15, 2009

Tap Tap Revenge Dance, a review

Tap Tap Dance:

Availible for: iPod Touch and iPhone
Price: $4.99 CDN
Created by: TAPULOUS

Play modes:

Included songs:

  • Justice: Phantom Pt.II (Soulwax Remix)
  • Moby: Disco Lies (The Dusty Kids Fears Remix)
  • Sunny Levine: Daylight (Morgan Page Remix)
  • Daft Punk: Technologic
  • Digitalism: Zdarlight
  • Junkie XL: Stratosphere
  • The Chemical Brothers: Midnight Madness
  • TiĆ«sto: Goldrush
  • Soul Magic Orchestra: Compressor (Exclusive)
  • Basement Jaxx: Where's Your Head At

  • If you don't know how paid apps work by Tapulous view my Coldplay review here:

    Standard Tap Tap Revenge stuff.
    This was the first Tap Tap Revenge game to include multi tap and also sustain taps.

    Tapulous really wowed me here, I love the look and feel of the game, the menues are sleek and quick and the theme for normal songs is very cool. The themes for Bosses are the highlights of the game, and rightfully so. My favorite is problalby the boss for the Hard difficulty.

    Overall TTD is a great game, and great if you like music with a great beat. The only thing i really hate about it is that there is no boss level for Extreme!

    Modes: 8/10
    Presentation: 8.5/10
    Overall: 8.5/10

    Value: Worth it.